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Upcoming Maintenance

[Scheduled] ePhone7 Release, v2.15.0, August 15, 2018 (7a - 7p, CST)

Expected to begin
  • ESI ePhone7 Services
Wed, 14 Aug 2019
22:38:24 UTC


ESI is excited to announce a new build for your ePhone7.

- SYS 3.1.5
- APK 2.1.5

>>Upgrade Push<<

On Thursday Aug 15th between 7AM and 7PM, we will push the updates to all phones that have not upgraded.
You will receive a PopUp notification on your phone; simply "Accept" the update to upgrade your phone.

>>What's New<<

- Save A New Contact: from Call History
- Update Automation: Automate the update process so user intervention will no longer be required to perform the software update.
- eHelp Email: Allow user to select which email to use in eHelp, when more than one email is associated to the user account.


- Reliability: Improve Performance of Base Application.
- Intercom Tone: Provide more significant Intercom Tone to notify users of an incoming intercom call.
- Call Park CID: Provide Caller ID of external call when the call is retrieved from Call Park, instead of the Park Queue Number.
- Bug Fixes: Various Bug Fixes and Improvements on Google Contacts and App User Interface.

  • Scheduled for Wed, 14 Aug 2019 07:00 UTC
  • Expected to take 6 hours
22:40:31 UTC

We've made a change to the schedule.

Previous Incidents

[Resolved] Users are not able to login to EsiQuote.

This incident lasted 45 minutes.
  • EsiQuote
Mon, 19 Aug 2019
18:16:51 UTC

ESI is aware that users cannot currently login to EsiQuote. We are diligently working to resolve the issue and will update you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

18:35:10 UTC

You can now login to EsiQuote.

The quotes list is only showing quotes on page one. However if you do a search it will bring up all associated quotes. The tool is also a bit sluggish.

We are continuing our recovery effort.

19:02:36 UTC

You can login and all quotes are visible on all pages.

This issue is resolved.

No further notices from the past 7 days.